Same Place

I’ve been going through

You just go around it

We end up in the same spot

Now you mad astounded

You tried to shortcut

Not realizing it’s a myth

Now you fucked up

Asking for another fifth

You might think I’m worst off

Because we’re in the same place

But baby, first off, we not in the same race

See this is my starting point

And you’re already through

I’d rather be in the joint

Than be anywhere with you

Oh, Wow – Series Part 10

Damn that’s it ?

No good byes 

No why’s 

No damn what the fucks

Just… *poof*

You disappear into thin air 

Did you ever care ?

She said you have no friends 

I think about it now and again 

What were we doing that whole time then ?

We all know I have a thing for sociopaths 

Maybe our paths

Only crossed 

From the calculated moves of a so called boss

And you used me 

But as the plot thickened and you bruised me

So easily 

You threw me away ?

Not a single “please stay” ?

What were we doin’

Sometimes I feel like it was my fault but apparently there was nothing ever there to ruin

Like, oh. Wow. 

  • Your Warrior