You can have the world in the palm of your hands and still may drop it

Your heart just might beat real fast

That text might stop it

Compliments just might fill up ya head

That man gon pop it

It don’t matter just honest ya are

Your phone ? You gon lock it

Been in bed for a while done a lot of cryin

In my head for while think I’m kinda dyin

In the world, yeah I smile

Think I’m tired of tryin

Yeah I talk, yeah I laugh

Lots of internal sighin

I’m sick of it, it’s bullshit man


If you were free

Would you still choose me ?

If you were taken

Would you use and abuse me ?

Would you tell me I’m beautiful

And special. Just to confuse me ?

Come on, you can tell me

Amuse me.

I already know that you take vows loosely

I know you’re lying

And that you do so profusely.

Lie to me.

Ride for me.

Die for me.

Sweet nothings feel so good.

Why won’t you live for me ?

Give to me ?

What more do I have to do ?

I’m tired of begging for love from you.