Oh looky there

The tears rolling in

She’s crying again

Crybaby, crybaby

You’re so weak

You don’t even follow all that shit that you speak

All that self-love, self-care

Can’t find that crap in you nowhere

I think you like it

I think it turns you on

I think you love to have them here

But feel better when they’re gone

I think you like being alone

I think you like feeling worthless

I think you lie when you talk about your purpose

Because what purpose ?

You ain’t even that deep

Your why is on the surface

You’re a fraud

You just like to be built up

You like to feel like a god

Then you like to fall from grace

Flat on your fucking face

Then blame everyone else for being in this place

You’re ridiculous

You’re dramatic

Oh and look at this

And you’re an addict

Go ahead

Fall back into your habits

Money can’t buy love

But money buys drugs

And that’s close enough

And if you get high enough

You won’t ask why and stuff

Let the tears dry up

More brown in your cup

You don’t even like to drink

But you need fucked up

You’re pathetic

You’ll never get it


Accept it

Rent – Series Part 4

 needed you.

That could be the poem right there 

I swear 

It’s like I don’t even give a fuck but somehow really care ?

Why’d you leave me ?

You left long before your body was no longer within view 

I don’t know if you were ever here honestly 

I never told you but your eyes looked crazy that night 

When you said you’d kill yourself and me too 

That’s when I understood fragility 

That’s when I understood secrets 

That’s when I understood addiction and mental illness 

I was too young to carry your burdens 

Ill equipped and out of context

How did you expect me to guide you before I learned long division ?

I never told you but the day you tried to Kill yourself in front us I became a mom 

My sisters were mine

because no one else could do it better 

I was 9

Who was the first person to break your heart ?

Who made you believe that you had to be so alone ?

I’m more curious than I am angry 

I’m more sad than I am curious 

I feel more compassion than sadness

I was there for you as much as I could be 

But you weren’t there when I needed you 

  • Your Favorite Kid 


My wings don’t spread like they used to

When I used to fly with you

When I used to get high with you

When I used to lie with you

You said you’d never lie to me

You said you would ride with me

You never even tried with me

You had someone at home.

Damn boy,

That shit was hella wrong.

I was dope and you was stylish

We was fly.

Now I’m broken and you’re devilish

You have the nerve to question to why

Why the flip

Like you ain’t dip

Like I should stay for the games you play

Like I should be okay with the sling slay

Like I should be down with the mess you made.

Bitch you so selfish.

I really hate it.

I don’t wish I never met you

But I do wish we never dated.

I’m so jaded.

I just wanted get faded.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still want you here naked.

I’m in my head about it.

Ain’t no shame about it.

But will I pursue ?

I doubt it ?

It’s just that old habits die so hard.

I’m used to you and my milkshakes

Bringing you right up to my yard.

And now it sucks

You gave no fucks

So now I have to pull your card.

We were so fly.

At least I thought we were.

Turns out we could just stretch to touch the ground

We were no where near the birds.


You can have the world in the palm of your hands and still may drop it

Your heart just might beat real fast

That text might stop it

Compliments just might fill up ya head

That man gon pop it

It don’t matter just honest ya are

Your phone ? You gon lock it

Been in bed for a while done a lot of cryin

In my head for while think I’m kinda dyin

In the world, yeah I smile

Think I’m tired of tryin

Yeah I talk, yeah I laugh

Lots of internal sighin

I’m sick of it, it’s bullshit man