Keep The Monsters at Bay by Qiim

keep the monsters at bay

so they wont do me harm,

they always seem friendlier

when the presence of love is gone. 

keep them chained and make them mute

so their two cents won’t turn 

soliloquies to infernal disputes.

keep the double agents confused 

let them be guiled by who’s who

and fool’s fools. 

let my victories be their defeats,

there will be no stalemates

nor calls for truce. 

I’ve been afraid to speak, hear or see the rage – 

wary that manifestations takes place 

when pens turn to wands and start 

spellbinding from the page. 

I’m chary that i’ll somehow give in 

watching betrayal sink in, when the journey 

from led to gold beens filled 

with ulterior motives rivalling rumpelstiltskin. 

please keep them at bay

let the response to their suggestions

be indubitable nays. 

let these and those monsters 

forever be dismayed,

let there be answers from the ancestors

to keep me happy and to maintain sanity. 

i beg you 

keep the monsters at bay

because i sense them

parcelling the atmosphere

while hoping a friendly face will rear

as grief nears, gloom sears

the face inside the tears 

from the face that tears has tears. 

praying for the son to shine

despite the sunshine in a hurricane. 

keep the monsters away

on a continuous time loop,

sitting on the dock of… that bay;

keep them there

away from the darkness and fears

away from the doubts and the cares-

away from love and all that matters 

to my soul. 

just keep the monsters at bay

that i may cry peacefully 

and feel the reality of life’s ebb and flow. 

keep them away that i may live

in abundance and be whole. 

keep them away ‘til theres nothing left to ‘until 

then keep them away still,

just please keep the monsters at bay

i fear their presence only causes decay.

and id rather the feeling 

of love and happiness and creativity remain…

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