Noose me

Cut me open

Juice me

All my secrets


On my k dot

I blame Lucy

She seduced me

Amped me up

Then abused me

Finished with me

Then loosed me


I’m bruisy

Why’d you have to

Choose me ?

I Thought

I thought I knew you

In the middle of the night, I thought I drew you

I heard you howl at the moon

I was howling too

Guttural throat sounds to the same tune

Did you have a clue too ?

I saw Him make you

Perfectly molded, Goddess acrylic

They tried to take you

But you weRe too idyllic

So much light in a dark room blinds thE lowly

It’s on purpose wE couldn’t meet ’til we were holy.

Happy b’earthday.

Oh Shin

I’ve been sitting by the ocean for a while now

Drowning the thoughts out

I’m always running, running

It feels so good to sit down

I really wanna go to heaven

But I’m still human tonight

Really feel like I should panic

But I’m quite alright.