Really Billy

Heart cold as hell

But ice melts

Stress got me feelin old as hell

But with you I felt

Young once

Young one

Drunk Monk,

What have you done, hun ?

Yanked me up and put me on your boat

Flew me to the clouds

Please don’t leave me afloat

But that’s exactly what you did

You hid

And before no time,

You did the Devil’s bid


Really Billy ?


I hope it all goes well for you

After our goodbye

I’ll be back to normal

After a good long cry

I’ll be asking myself

All the big questions, WHY

I’ll be fighting the urge

Of wanting to die

I’ll be sulking and wishing

Things would go right

I’ll be pretending and wishing

You were still here at night

I’ll be wishing you’d die

I’ll be holding your ghost tight

I’ll be waiting for your demise

While I laugh at your plight