It’s like I’m bleeding from the holes in my face

I’ve been giving my light away

I’m responsible


You were to blame

I didn’t think you were the same

But after seeing you

I’m bleeding all over the place


We sit and watch the waves break

You beg me to stay

We made a lot of mistakes

They got me bleeding out of my face

Who’s to blame

I swear I’ll never do that again

I can’t go through that again

Plugging up the holes in my face

Time Traveling Brownies

Who wants to roam the universe with me ?

Start on the outs then go internally

So much to see, it takes eternities

Stratified clouds, we go up and away

I hope you have a week or at least more than just today

I have feel and draw it out when I don’t know what to say

Just light another shroomy blunt

They make me feel okay

I just wanna feel okay

Gone Boy

I tried to make you home

I didn’t mean to take you home

My pillow still smells like your cologne

But now you’re better off alone ?

Now your face isn’t my throne ?

Now we’re erasing each other’s names from our phones ??

And you swear that it’s me in the wrong ???

Now that I know what I wish I knew then

Maybe you’re better off gone


You can have the world in the palm of your hands and still may drop it

Your heart just might beat real fast

That text might stop it

Compliments just might fill up ya head

That man gon pop it

It don’t matter just honest ya are

Your phone ? You gon lock it

Been in bed for a while done a lot of cryin

In my head for while think I’m kinda dyin

In the world, yeah I smile

Think I’m tired of tryin

Yeah I talk, yeah I laugh

Lots of internal sighin

I’m sick of it, it’s bullshit man