There once was a girl

And she was normal 

Then she wasn’t 

And she was brave 

Then she was scared 

But most of all 

She aware 


Isn’t a place she should ever step into 

Or she’ll repeat the cycle 

And she’ll 

Be spiteful 

Bc she knows better

So she got back to normal 

Then she had a nightmare 

And she wasn’t normal 

Well it wasn’t a dream 

It was a flashback 

A trigger 

But all the same 

She ran out of brave 

And her fears got bigger 

But she still didn’t go

Bc better did she know 

That if she goes 

She may never come back 

So she wipes her tears 

And conquered her fears 

So she could get back on track 

And she was normal 

Then she wasn’t 

And she started to sense a pattern

A theme 

It’s like a big scheme 

Except for why would anyone 

Bother with little old me 

She was scared 

Plain scared 

And although she knew better 


And when she got there 

She just stared 

Until she crossed over 

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