After Hours With God

You ever been underwhelmed ?

It’s slightly worse than overwhelm 

Bc there an absence

A void


And not the good kind

Not the hood kind

Sometimes typos make sense 

The soul sucking type of deep abyss that lunges you backwards into your childhood and everything you’ve ever tried to ignore…

And what for ?

I saw your eyes and felt your skin

You oozed of love and now you 

Don’t want me anymore ?

This that “damn lil mama where ya mans at” type shit

Like there’s options and I’m exercising a couple

But I’d rather quit 

All options ain’t viable 

All options ain’t good 

That’s something that needs understood 

Or you’ll just get underwhelmed 

And retreat to solitude 

Where the line is thin between solace and loneliness and you’re jump roping with it

Into the late night hours 

Begging for superpowers to get your through this intense feeling of hopelessness or is it helplessness or is it ..

Fuck I don’t know, does it matter ? 

I just hate it

And I can’t escape it 

So I talk after hours with God

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