Heartbreak Ramble

I still look at your page, like all day

I read every post and take it the wrong way

I guess I’m a glutton for pain

I guess I want depression again

My feelings for you are so alarming

Because I know you don’t want me darling

I know you just used me babe

But I can’t face it unless you say it

I want the truth and nothing less

Can’t help but cry, I’m a mess

Yes, I’m upset

Skrrt, BOOM. I’m a wreck

I saw a future with you in it

I jumped the gun, infinite

Bad habit of seeing the best in the worst

Bad habit of letting my feelings get hurt

Then going to work

And being a jerk

Because I can’t clean my own dirt

I can’t do this

And I knew this

But you caught me off guard

Now I have to go through this

I’m useless

I’ll prove it

I’ll sulk and I’ll pout

Smoke and drink it out

Cut it out

Scream it out

I can’t cut you out

What Imma do without

That feeling

No drug ever got me so high

Fake affection never felt so full

I was writing love songs until my pencil got dull

Why do I do this to myself

You think I give advice for my health ?

I don’t follow it

I palm a pill and I swallow it

I wanna die and I wallow in it

I’m supposed to be stronger than this

Smarter than this

Accidentally turned into the dumbest bitch

I done did it again

Sabotaging my own win

Oops, my bad

It’s my own fault I’m mad

I know I’d welcome you right back

Into my heart and my sack

Do as you please

I feel sick when you leave

Then I still tease

Because I too have needs

I need touch

I’m doing too much

I need validation

I need a vacation

My minds always racin’

I need a break

So whatever you want, take

I let my mind slip into ecstasy with you

I felt sexy with you

Now what the fuck do I do

I’m confused

I’m disgusted

In you I trusted

You fucked that up

That’s my fault though

You didn’t know you were gonna make me glow

You probably thought I was just another hoe

I don’t know

I was too scared to ask

I didn’t wanna ruin anything, push you away

It’s my own fault I’m not okay.

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