Rent – Series Part 4

 needed you.

That could be the poem right there 

I swear 

It’s like I don’t even give a fuck but somehow really care ?

Why’d you leave me ?

You left long before your body was no longer within view 

I don’t know if you were ever here honestly 

I never told you but your eyes looked crazy that night 

When you said you’d kill yourself and me too 

That’s when I understood fragility 

That’s when I understood secrets 

That’s when I understood addiction and mental illness 

I was too young to carry your burdens 

Ill equipped and out of context

How did you expect me to guide you before I learned long division ?

I never told you but the day you tried to Kill yourself in front us I became a mom 

My sisters were mine

because no one else could do it better 

I was 9

Who was the first person to break your heart ?

Who made you believe that you had to be so alone ?

I’m more curious than I am angry 

I’m more sad than I am curious 

I feel more compassion than sadness

I was there for you as much as I could be 

But you weren’t there when I needed you 

  • Your Favorite Kid 

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