Bigger – Series Part 3

Is this even a poem or I’m just ranting ?

Poems don’t have to rhyme 

The same way you ain’t think you had to have time 

For me…

I mean not time like that 

You were here in the bed

But now I know your mind was elsewhere instead 

Now my mind is in combat 

Maybe if my ass were bigger 

Kind of a weird thing to say 

Like we got bigger problems than that boo

But look at it this way 

Minus the tattoo 

Nothing make me special 

Nothing that matters 

Because your standards are low in all other areas

I could only win if my ass was fatter 

You said you wanted this 

But liars say a lot of things they don’t mean

To paint the prettiest scene 

In hopes of throwing you in bliss

And making your love bigger too

How can I be a reflection of you 

If you don’t know who you are 

Why are you the one who knows how to swim yet you prefer to wade in shallow waters 

Where it’s all subpar 

I thought you were different 

No one pays me to think 

Well, at least not tho think bigger 

It went so fast, you can’t blink 

I couldn’t even figure 

What I needed to know fast enough 

I’ve had enough 

I’m moving onto something bigger 

  • your solace

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