My wings don’t spread like they used to

When I used to fly with you

When I used to get high with you

When I used to lie with you

You said you’d never lie to me

You said you would ride with me

You never even tried with me

You had someone at home.

Damn boy,

That shit was hella wrong.

I was dope and you was stylish

We was fly.

Now I’m broken and you’re devilish

You have the nerve to question to why

Why the flip

Like you ain’t dip

Like I should stay for the games you play

Like I should be okay with the sling slay

Like I should be down with the mess you made.

Bitch you so selfish.

I really hate it.

I don’t wish I never met you

But I do wish we never dated.

I’m so jaded.

I just wanted get faded.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t still want you here naked.

I’m in my head about it.

Ain’t no shame about it.

But will I pursue ?

I doubt it ?

It’s just that old habits die so hard.

I’m used to you and my milkshakes

Bringing you right up to my yard.

And now it sucks

You gave no fucks

So now I have to pull your card.

We were so fly.

At least I thought we were.

Turns out we could just stretch to touch the ground

We were no where near the birds.

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