No Diamonds

What are you afraid of, my love ?

Your words are careful 

But your energy says it all 

You’re afraid to fall 

But you’re afraid to lose 

So you just can’t choose 

I never wanna say so 

But it hurts me tho 

To be a dream 

To be a team 

With the one I see a REAL life with 

The only one I’ve ever seen myself being a real wife with !

If you really knew my history you’d get it 

Why all this is a big deal

But I don’t fault you 

You’re just being yourself 

And I’m just being me

Which happens to be more than you 

More than everyone 

I’ve been told many times the world doesn’t deserve me 

I never believed it 

I’ve been so careful to put no pressure on you

I knew neither of us were ready, realistically 

But feelings don’t know details 

So no pressure 

But no pressure means no diamonds 

It’s been so easy bc there will be no reward 

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