You did this

You handed me what rightfully belonged to another bitch

Or other bitches

Why would you fill me with hope

Just to pummel my heart with stitches ?

I’m livid

I’m sippin

I’m lifted

I’m driving

I’m crying

I feel like I’m dying

Never needed you

But I wanted you bad

Why work to keep a smile on my face

Just to make me so sad ?

Why be a pea in my pod

Just to hop right the fuck out the bag ?

Why hop in my bed

Just to get in my head

I still would’ve been there without all the lies that you said

Now you got me in this position

Because you don’t fuckin listen

You can’t even handle the shit you’ve been dishin

Boat time

Let’s go fishin

I hope you like swimmin

Don’t tell me you miss me

You don’t even know what you’re missin

I have to say it again


So now I’m on a mission

Flashbacks of us kissin

Every time I catch a curly fry

Out the side of my eye

I completely break down

Bitch I’m trippin

I really thought you’d stick around

Stop fucking moving around

You can’t escape me now

Idgaf, we can both drown

You did that

You’ll do this too

I can’t live with it

So we just won’t make it through

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